I am a songwriter that sings and plays guitar, aiming to share my songs with the world. 

I love to perform fast beat songs including; covers and my original songs. Usually all of my songs are positive and cheerful with an aim to give audiences a smile to take home. 

From age of 5-8 years old, I studied in music school. After deciding to leave the music school I didn't put any attention to music for the next 2-3 years. I also had a hidden talent for poems that I wrote for myself and family in Latvian language.

Moving to United Kingdom at age of 10 allowed me to widen my search for opportunities. 


It's a funny story how I got back to my passion for music. Finding a guitar in my basement when I was 12 years old, and the guitar only had three strings, if you can even call them strings, they were three fishing lines. Over the time, my family saw a passion in my work and efforts, therefore, they invested a new guitar into my life.

Since then, I have been writing my own songs in English that I have the opportunity to share them in festivals, meetings, pubs and in many more events. 

Over this period of time, I have realised that singing is also a strong skill I have developed that comes with confidence. 

Music is a way to help me to express myself and put my positive energy out there in this world! 

"I am simply passionate about life, and I show it through my music"